Republican, Partisan Christians

I received a forward yesterday with a 10 second clip capturing Obama saying to the interviewer, “You’re right in saying that John McCain did not talk about my Muslim faith…” The email asked the question, “was this really a slip of the tongue” with the obvious implication that it wasn’t and it revealed Obama is… Continue reading Republican, Partisan Christians

Christians and Sarah Palin

Many Republicans are excited about Sarah Palin. Many Christians are thanking God that their vote for the Republican party this year can now be justified. I don’t know about you, Palin, but I would be utterly disillusioned with politics if the only reason McCain picked me had nothing to do with my accomplishments or even… Continue reading Christians and Sarah Palin


Maybe Christians should talk about practicing safe sex. I’m all for abstinence, I really am, and I believe that sex should be reserved for marriage. Not only do I believe it to be a Biblical mandate, I believe it would save anyone psychological and emotional heartache. However, I’m not naive to think that every kid… Continue reading Condoms