Unfair Play in Politics; Palin Deserves Better

I’m not usually a fan of political ad campaigns. But I do not mind ads that criticize an opponent’s views or even use an opponent’s words against them. However, I’ve lost much respect for the McCain campaign and their ads. It’s one thing to intentionally misinterpret an opponent’s views or to outline the cons of his/her platform, but I draw the line when a campaign deliberately fabricates information and uses it for gain. That’s unfair to the opponent. What’s worse, such deceit disrespects and ignores the integrity of the voter and his/her right to know the truth. McCain’s ads accusing Obama for being sexist or a tax raiser or an advocate of Kindergarten sex education (to name a few) are uncalled for and downright filthy. I’m especially appalled at the accusations of sexism toward Obama, which are terribly deceitful. Such use of discrimination for political gain should make one really question how far a candidate will go to get what he wants.

I had a lot of respect for McCain in the beginning of his campaign. I lost respect when he began to approve deceitful and discriminating ads. I especially lost respect for him when he began to use Sarah Palin as a decoy for the media and political strategy for his win. I hope American women aren’t naive enough to think that McCain’s choice for vice president has anything to do with her credentials or competence (which I’m sure she does not lack). She was chosen as a pawn for a dirty game of political chess, thanks to McCain’s political strategists.

Palin deserves better. There’s a lot to be said for a governor who has an 80% approval rating in her state. I have yet to hear her honest views, which thus far have been overshadowed by McCain’s strategist’s written scripts and fabricated criticisms.