Liberalism, Conservatism, Truth

I have friends from both sides of the spectrum: conservatives and liberals (religiously and politically). It’s not that I’m categorizing them as so. These labels are self-professed. I get the satisfaction of hearing two different perspectives. It’s quite nice to hear different perspectives, actually. It keeps me in check. It keeps me connected.

I am somewhat of a moderate, though the term does not do justice to the complexity of my thinking. Categorically, I can be a liberal or conservative, depending on the issue. I don’t side with anything just because it’s dubbed a conservative or liberal ideal. In other words, I’m not (at least in attempt) partisan. I need to hear the two sides of the story. I need so see the black and the white. Otherwise, I might be in danger of missing the truth.

Truth…that’s at the core of my nonpartisanship. Truth comes in many facets. Truth is neither conservative nor liberal. Truth transcends politics and religion. It is not confined by human rhetoric, ideologies or doctrines. Truth can be found in the left or in the right; socialism or communism; atheism or theism; Christianity or Islam. To be a seeker of the truth means we approach it with no preconditions, no limitations, no expectations. We seek knowing that when we find it, it will either confirm our beliefs or turn them upside down. We need to be prepared. We need to be courageous.

Jesus revealed Truth that shattered the worldview of the Jewish leaders and people. Why should we not expect the same?

Like I said, I enjoy listening to different perspectives. Most times they are extremely hard to swallow and it takes me days or even weeks to contemplate it, sometimes resulting in having to deconstruct my perspective to embody this new Truth. This is always a challenging task, but if I truly care about Truth, I gotta do what I gotta do.