Donald Trump and Evangelicals

Donald Trump is the sure presidential nominee for the Republican party. I’m curious to see how evangelicals will vote in 2016. Is this the year they vote for a Democratic or third-party candidate? Or will they not vote at all?

Since the rise of the Christian right in the 1970s, the majority of evangelicals have voted Republican. Although evangelicals don’t agree with every Republican opinion, they believe the Republican party fights for what they see as Christian values  —  unborn rights, sanctity of heterosexual marriage and abstinence education in schools to name a few.

Trump is the Republican nominee, now what?

Trump will be on the Republican ticket and many evangelicals are conflicted. He is not like his predecessors. The hatred, discrimination, sexism, racism and disrespect that he has exuded leaves evangelicals with a candidate who is against everything Jesus stands for. Trump’s Republican predecessors were people who evangelicals at least respected.

Most of the Christians I know are strongly against Trump on moral grounds. But to vote Democrat is unthinkable for many of them. Skipping this year’s election is not a good option because they believe no vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary Clinton. What is an evangelical to do?

Devoted evangelicals believe every decision they make must be made with Biblically grounded conviction. Election 2016 will challenge evangelicals with this question: What will my vote say about my witness to Jesus? Good vs. evil is not so black and white.

They have 6 months to decide.