No Longer a Republican

It is official; I am now a registered Democrat. Much of my views have changed since six years ago, when I registered as a Republican because I believed it to be God’s party. Now I don’t believe neither can claim a corner on God. But as my faith has progressed so has its expression in… Continue reading No Longer a Republican

I Am Church

I’ve learned that true body life can happen through a game of Settlers of Catan; that fellowship occurs at 6:30 in the morning with your workout partner. Worship happens each and every time I give my all to Him, whether through song or playing fetch with the dog. Ministry happens in my home, at the… Continue reading I Am Church

There is No War on Terror

I wonder how many of us are blinded by this rhetoric, and rightly so, because most of us are unaware of anything that goes on outside of US borders. Why are we in Iraq? Many say freedom. Others say it is our continuing war on terror. I would be bold as to say it is… Continue reading There is No War on Terror

I Ain’t Got No Job

I lost my job… This isn’t a surprise. The company was beyond rolling down the hill. It was hanging on the edge of the cliff by a finger. What did surprise me, however, was the timing. In a meeting on Thursday, the CEO told us that as of next week, the company will no longer… Continue reading I Ain’t Got No Job

Biblical Literarism

I came across a blog by a guy named Richard Beck, a psychology professor at Abilene Christian University. His posts are quite intriguing and I encourage anybody who would like his/her intellect challenged to check it out. Below is one of his posts. On Reading the Bible: Dispatches from the Carmichael-Walling LecturesEach year ACU hosts… Continue reading Biblical Literarism