Reconstructed Capitalism

There’s a lot of talk about how our economy can be fixed. The solution: spend a lot of money, whether it is done by the private (businesses and consumers) or public sector (government). I’m not an economist. I’m just an ordinary guy who goes to work every morning, pay his taxes, and goes home to… Continue reading Reconstructed Capitalism

Gender Issues with God

I’ve been contemplating for a while the language I use when referring to God. As many others do, I refer to God as a masculine deity. But, since gender is a physical aspect of our humanity, I know that God is neither male nor female, or rather, that He possesses both masculine and feminine attributes.… Continue reading Gender Issues with God

Freedom Fries

With a new U.S. President coming into the White House, we are left to ponder about the previous President, George W. Bush. Without a doubt the Bush Administration left us with a legacy that has particularly reshaped our view of freedom. I believe one of the most memorable reform during Bush’s presidency was the congressional… Continue reading Freedom Fries

Liberalism, Conservatism, Truth

I have friends from both sides of the spectrum: conservatives and liberals (religiously and politically). It’s not that I’m categorizing them as so. These labels are self-professed. I get the satisfaction of hearing two different perspectives. It’s quite nice to hear different perspectives, actually. It keeps me in check. It keeps me connected. I am… Continue reading Liberalism, Conservatism, Truth

Eden Grace, the New Journey

In just a couple of pushes, Eden Grace enters her new world, and I was there to witness her take her first breath of air. I wonder what emotions were going through God’s mind as He watched His children take their first breath of air. Was He mesmerized by the beauty of His new creation?… Continue reading Eden Grace, the New Journey

Hamas v. Israel

13 days into the fighting… Approximately 750 Palestinians have died. 12 Israelis have died. Over a million of Gaza’s population are without power. Many are without access to clean water. Israel has blocked the international Red Cross from providing medical assistance. What terrible injustice. What terrible oppression. I wonder how Jews view the actions of… Continue reading Hamas v. Israel

Hopeful Pessimist

For a pessimist and cynic like me, hope is hard to come by. I tend to view a cup as half-empty over half-full. One day I believe in God and the next day I’m an atheist. But if I lose hope, what do I have to hope for?… Continue reading Hopeful Pessimist

Republican, Partisan Christians

I received a forward yesterday with a 10 second clip capturing Obama saying to the interviewer, “You’re right in saying that John McCain did not talk about my Muslim faith…” The email asked the question, “was this really a slip of the tongue” with the obvious implication that it wasn’t and it revealed Obama is… Continue reading Republican, Partisan Christians

Christians and Sarah Palin

Many Republicans are excited about Sarah Palin. Many Christians are thanking God that their vote for the Republican party this year can now be justified. I don’t know about you, Palin, but I would be utterly disillusioned with politics if the only reason McCain picked me had nothing to do with my accomplishments or even… Continue reading Christians and Sarah Palin