Moolattes and The Kingdom of God

[Below is something I wrote in my sketchbook back in the winter]

The world has gone mad! I’m sitting here enjoying DQ’s Moolatte in a 70°F home and 20°F weather outside. This coffee flavored frozen beverage has approximately 700 calories! But this isn’t why the world has gone mad. As I savor each and every slurp, and join America in its obesity, I can’t help but wonder about the many peoples who can’t afford to eat 700 calories in a day or a warm place to live. I’ve spent three dollars and eighty-one cents for a moolatte and over half of the world’s population makes less than this per day. I’m unemployed, my wife is working part-time and I risk my four bucks just so I can enjoy an overdoes of sugar, artificial coffee and a time of depressing and slightly presumptuous reflection.

Sometimes I wonder why God would provide for me when, clearly, there are people in underdeveloped countries who are in more desperate need of Him. Why should God even listen to me? Why should I pray for more money when others do not even have a home or opportunities for employment?

I just got done drinking my moolatte, wanting more. Sadly, the only thing stopping me from getting another one is my ironically selfish concern for weight rather than being concerned about spending my money in a way that would further God’s kingdom of social and economical justice. And God has entrusted me with His kingdom?

God has gone mad!