A Daddy to Be

Not too long ago, I’ve shared some of the struggles my wife and I have been going through, specifically with infertility. For about two long years, we’ve been trying to get pregnant. For over a year, Sarah has been to the doctor countless times, going through different testings and medications. After our miscarriage several months ago, we were devastated, knowing full well that the next step in the medical process was something we could not afford. Sarah has been taking clomid, which helps her to ovulate. The doctor was very pessimisitc about using the medicine again after the miscarriage but told us we could give it another try. So, since we had no other choice financially, we did gave it another go. Lo, and behold! She got pregnant.

Sarah’s now into her second trimester, and things are thus far looking good. We are hopeful, to say the least. It has been strange to even think about fatherhood, my fatherhood. I’ve always applied the terminology to other men, to God, but now it will be for me to carry. Sarah believes that her first pregnancy made me a father. Perhaps. But though we are a bit more certain about the success of our current pregnancy, fatherhood is yet unrealistic to me.

I think we will learn much about God when Sarah and I become parents. I suppose we’ll learn much about Jesus as well.

I’m ready for this much welcomed path in my journey of faith.