I’m a Modalist, Sebellianist, Whatever You Wanna Call It

I’m not necessarily keen on the doctrine of the Trinity. Why should I be? Just because a group of Christian elitists condemned its alternatives as heresy does not mean it is absolute truth. The concept of the Trinity, like all its alternatives, is an interpretive attempt to understanding the mysteries of the gospel as humanly possible. Modalists, Binitarians and Trinitarians all use Scriptures to defend their views. I believe there is equal validity to these views and both eastern and western Christianity should make room for them. It took a couple of centuries for the doctrine of Trinity to be fully developed. This shows how even the New Testament writers were not clear on the mystery of Jesus and His divinity.

I find Modalism more compelling than Trinitarianism—that God is not three distinct persons but one, and that Father, Son and Holy Spirit are all the same divine source. But I believe this only to be an interpretation that is far from flawless. I don’t think any human can ever fully understand the mystery of who or what God is. I believe the Trinity is a valid interpretation, as well, which is also far from flawless.

It all comes to what matters the most; to a shared commonality of trusting God through Jesus. What a relief it is to know that Jesus can speak for Himself and does need mere man-made doctrines to defend Him.