Bible: Authoritative or Not?

What do most conservative Protestants mean when they say the Bible is authoritative? Clearly not everything is authoritative, depending on whether it falls under the Old or New Covenant. There are things they follow and don’t follow in Scriptures. Then again, one would have to initially arrive to a comprehensible definition of authoritative before applying it to Scriptures, and subsequently, to God, and then argue about it. In the modern sense of the word, I do not believe the Bible is authoritative in all its aspects. However, I find N.T. Wright’s thesis on the subject rather compelling, as he attempts to redefine what it means for the Bible and God to be authoritative.

I have no intention to elaborate on the matter because I’m simply unmotivated. However, you will find below a link to N.T. Wright’s lecture on this particular subject. I don’t agree with everything he says, but I find him to be quite compelling. Enjoy.